World Password Day 2024: Top tips for creating strong and secure passwords


Thursday 2 May 2024 is World Password Day. Celebrated annually, it was created to raise awareness about the importance of using strong passwords.

World Password Day 2024

We use our passwords to protect all of our digital information and they are fundamental to our privacy and security. Passwords are a free, easy and effective way to prevent unauthorised users accessing your devices or accounts but only when implemented correctly. Here are our top tips for creating strong and secure passwords.

Don’t include your name, birthday or names of loved ones. Don’t choose one of the world’s most common passwords, like ‘password’ or ‘1234’, as these take hackers mere seconds to crack.

The longer a password and the wider the range of characters you use, the harder it is to guess. Mix uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. By opting for a password that’s long, complex and bears no resemblance to real words, you’ll better protect your data.

It is crucial to choose a long and strong password that is unique to each service or profile you use. Using different passwords means each account is protected in case one platform suffers a data breach.

To make things simpler, you can use a password manager such as LastPass, NordPass or even your Google account to help create and securely save complicated passwords and give you other useful security tips.

For an extra level of security, you should activate two-factor authentication which will use another approved device or platform to verify your login credentials each time. This will significantly reduce your risk of being hacked and stop cyber criminals accessing your account even if they have your password.

The best way to celebrate World Password Day is to replace your old passwords with new, more secure ones!

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