Remote IT Support

Top-notch support is just a click away

Remote IT support makes it easy for businesses and organisations across the UK to get instant help from Datcom experts. We can deliver fast, professional and effective IT support without visiting your site. Instead, we remotely access your devices using secure remote support software.

Minimise downtime for maximum productivity

Our fast response times with remote IT support mean we’ll quickly fix problems that could be holding up your team’s productivity.

Great service and value

Our dedicated team pride themselves on resolving issues quickly in the most cost-effective way. By eliminating the need for on-site engineers, remote IT support can offer a budget-friendly solution.

Stay ahead of threats

Technology is constantly changing and so are the malicious groups that are after your data. Keeping up can be time-consuming and stressful. Choosing remote support from Datcom means that we’ll always make sure that your systems, protocols and devices are optimally efficient and secure.

We get to the root of the problem

Have you ever hit a problem with your IT and eventually just given up trying to fix it? It’s something we hear a lot. Our remote IT support means we’ll get to the heart of the issue – often delivering extra efficiencies along the way.

Your on-tap IT team

Having an in-house IT department is an expensive business. It’s not just about salaries and benefits – you’ll also have to recruit, train and manage everyone. Using Datcom as your virtual in-house team gives you all the benefits of industry knowledge, experience and friendly, talented people without the huge overheads.

Switch in a snap

We put our own expertise to work during the Covid 19 pandemic, migrating our teams to a work-from-home scenario, from a distance.

The challenge

Just like companies up and down the land, when the pandemic hit, we had to move fast. Our challenge was to get 400 power users working from home within two days, while maintaining network access security and business continuity. We wanted to keep desktop applications and user experience as close to normal as possible and make sure all team members could access the resources they need to do their work well.

How we did it

We used our existing RDS infrastructure and quickly added more servers to meet the increased demand of home working. Security was a big concern, so we used Duo Security to make sure all users were working on a secure connection. Duo Security is a multi-factor authentication technology that requires a second method of authorisation to log in, not just a password.

The results

We delivered a home working environment that’s robust enough to keep our business and data secure, and straightforward enough to ensure no-hassle business continuity for our team and clients. We experienced very little business disruption as a result of our fast, seamless switchover.

What our clients say about us

“The Datcom helpdesk guys are great. They use plain language and take over control remotely to sort out whatever the issue is. I’ve tried three other IT support firms and Datcom are the best by a long way. Highly recommend them.”


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