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Every team needs a fast, safe internet connection to deliver their best work. As a certified internet connection provider, we improve your broadband speeds and help maintain optimum workflow.

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Choosing an internet connection provider can be a time-consuming business. We’ll take the worry off your hands by fully analysing and explaining your options and recommending what we think would work best for your business.

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For some people, an inexpensive, standard broadband deal is more than enough. But if you have multiple users or are regularly working on files, then a standard set-up isn’t going to do the trick. At Datcom, we supply internet connections ranging from simple broadband up through fibre, to the fastest lease-lines available. All our business-grade connections provide you with the very best performance, reliability, faster fix times and higher data limits. If you want to ensure a constant workflow, then choosing us as your internet connection provider is a must.

Privacy and peace of mind

As your internet service provider, we supply your business with its own private internet connection between your offices and our data centre. This means you never touch the public internet and avoid general connection issues.

We’re fully accredited

We don’t just install your new internet and walk away. All our connections are backed by 24/7 monitoring, so you’ll have essential support, world-leading hardware and optimum security configurations. All of this is controlled and managed by fully accredited and trained engineers. We provide you with the very best, up-to-date equipment available. Everything is provided and monitored by us, and us alone, so you don’t need to worry about any outsourced companies in the mix.

We’ll keep costs down

Because we tailor your package to suit you, you’ll only ever pay for what you really need. Finding the best solution for your business in terms of efficiency and cost is a core part of our service.

Our Business Broadband in action

Unreliable wireless across their large and complex site was causing our client problems. Here’s how we helped them get to the root of the issue.

The challenge

Everyone has experienced the irritation of patchy connectivity. When that happens in the workplace, it can significantly disrupt productivity. Noble foods, who make well-known food brands such as Happy Eggs, came to us to talk about problems with their wireless systems. Their large and complex site was a significant challenge to good wireless connectivity, and the size of the warehouse meant it was tricky to know where to place access points. All this was further hampered by old equipment and machinery obstructing wireless performance. Meanwhile, Noble Foods employees were desperate for reliable access to crucial software across the entire site.

How we did it

Our team of experts took the time to really listen to our clients and get to grips with the problem. We then defined the site area and set out a plan for surveying their wireless coverage. We produced a wireless heatmap to show the strength of coverage across the whole site. This meant that we could be confident in identifying where to place access points for optimum performance.

The results

On the day, the Datcom team were careful to record all the wireless information without disturbing operations. Because we’d built a strong relationship with our client, we were able to provide exactly the information they needed. This gave them confidence to invest in the right equipment for their specific needs – no risk, no guesswork. We’re proud to say that Noble Foods were really happy with the result and plan to work with us again.

What our clients say about us

“Datcom really are a fantastic IT provider. The support we get from the dedicated team is quick, smooth and in a language we understand. The regular strategy and account meetings give us the feedback we need and allow us to develop and manage our IT strategy.”

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