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Free yourself from your old IT structure and head for the Cloud

Cloud computing lets you flex your IT as your organisation grows and it supports all-important mobile working. But what exactly is it and how does it benefit your business?

The benefits of cloud computing services

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services via the internet. You’ll be familiar with Cloud services in your personal life – when you use Alexa or Google Home, store emails or access your smart home from an app. In the workplace Cloud services can include storage, servers, databases, networking, analytics, software and intelligence. There are lots of business benefits to be enjoyed by switching to the Cloud. You can lower your overall operating costs by running your infrastructure more effectively as it scales around any changes your business requires. You’ll also have a computer system that can be accessed from anywhere – really important as more and more of us are working remotely. Instead of having a physical server in your office, all of your data and applications are hosted in a local, dedicated data centre, all monitored and managed by us, so you can focus your business.

Flex with your business needs

We’ll help you choose where, when and how to use Cloud computing to ensure an efficient and reliable IT solution. The hosted systems we provide come complete with storage and processing power that can be easily changed, upgraded or downgraded.

Access your data whenever, wherever

When you migrate to the Cloud, your data is always available quickly and easily. State-of-the-art security protects your data, so the only people who can access it are the people who have permission to do so. Because you can access the Cloud remotely, your team have the freedom to work from home, on the road or from client offices.

Be prepared for emergencies

Choosing a Cloud solution gives you total reliability and makes data backup and disaster recovery much easier. You won’t have to worry about the maintenance and security of Cloud systems either, as we’ll take responsibility for these. 

Trust the experts at Datcom

All of our equipment is owned 100% by us, with nothing leased or outsourced. We are ISO certified and only partner with similar-minded companies who we know are going to be beneficial to our customers.

Our Cloud services in action 

We upgraded our client’s desktop computers to our own hosted desktop solution for excellent performance and anywhere-accessibility. 

The challenge

We’re accustomed to working with clients who need to retain their anonymity. In this case, it was a business working with pharmaceutical companies to look after their clients’ sensitive safety data. Our client told us that their business was growing significantly and required a larger, more reliable IT system to support this, as well as recent office moves and relocations. Our objectives were to securely manage the wealth of data, provide a 24-hour service with round-the-clock support, supply IT services to support the growth of the business, and project-manage a Cloud migration. 

How we did it

We implemented new servers to manage the level of data the company deals with and performed upgrades where necessary. We controlled the implementation of new hardware and managed all broadband requirements. Regular team meetings kept everyone up to speed with the Cloud migration and helped us troubleshoot any issues as they arose. 

The results

Storing data on the Cloud has meant that our client’s business continuity and disaster recovery systems have been dramatically improved from days to just minutes. Security has improved too and today, both our client and their customers are reassured that their data and IT systems are in safe hands. The Datcom experts are now thought of as an extension to the client’s in-house team, always available to advise or resolve issues. 

What our clients say about us

“They’ve seen us through major server upgrades, transitions to
cloud-based services and they look after our day-to-day support. Always there, technically proficient and a human face for a complex area, they are a valued and trusted partner of our business.”

FMC Global Talent

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