Why you should ditch paper and switch to Microsoft Forms


Are you still using paper forms to collect data – from customer satisfaction surveys to employee feedback? It’s time to make the switch to digital.

Microsoft Forms lets you quickly create a form, survey or quiz, collect responses in real time and view automatic charts to visualise your data. You can build a form in minutes and respondents can fill it out using any browser on almost any device without having to install a separate app. The best part is, you almost certainly already have access to Microsoft Forms. It’s generally available to anyone with a Microsoft account and should be included as part of your 365 subscription.

So why do we think it’s so much better than the traditional pen-and-paper tick-box method? Microsoft Forms looks a lot more professional in our modern, digital world. It can also be more accessible to a wider number of people – and more interactive. It could help you get a lot more data from your customers or other respondents. Also, you reduce the costs of printing and publishing to a budget-friendly zero. Microsoft Forms compiles the results from your survey with built-in analytics and allows real-time evaluation to responses as they are submitted.

You can then export the results to Microsoft Excel for further breakdown and analysis. You can customise your forms in a way that’s right for your business. Background images, company logos, pictures and videos can all be added and the form can be sent in multiple languages depending on your expected audience.

You can also break the form down into multiple sections if that’s useful. It’s not just about surveys either. Microsoft Forms can replace paper-based systems, such as vehicle checks and on-site Health & Safety forms for mobile engineers. These can be completed remotely using the engineers’ mobile devices, and results are pinged back and stored with head office for review in the Microsoft platform.

We are experts in helping our customers get the most from their IT systems, so it breaks our techy hearts to see companies not reaping the benefits of systems they already have. We have helped many clients with guidance on how to use Microsoft Forms, showing them how to integrate the application into their way of working. If you’re not using Microsoft Forms yet and would like some help, please get in touch – or find more information right here.

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