Why Managed IT Services are good for your business


Managed IT Services is a broad term that’s used a lot in the IT industry. So what exactly is it?

Simply put, it means outsourcing a selection of your IT services to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who look after those services on your behalf. When it’s used effectively, it can have a hugely beneficial impact on a business.

Managing your own IT means a big resource commitment of both time and money. It often means that team members who are employed to do another job have to get involved with day-to-day IT issues. We talk to a lot of people in companies across the East Midlands who have no training or expertise in IT, yet they’ve been given the role of looking after the network and devices – maybe it began with an excel spreadsheet, or swapping out a backup tape and now they’re the one expected to present a 5-year IT strategy and budget.

Managed IT Services takes away the burden of maintaining an internal IT team – or ‘making do’ with someone less qualified. Here are Datcom we manage whole IT infrastructures from daily backup checks, cyber security, cloud migrations and strategy. We monitor the systems for you, so we can get ahead of any potential problems. Managing IT systems is a blend of proactive monitoring, fixing issues when they arise, keeping systems secure from cyber threats and looking to the future to help guide you through what’s on the horizon. All this, while taking into account how this affects your staff, your budgets and your overall business strategy.

Managed IT Services allows your people to do what they do best, while making sure the business is running efficiently and securely at the same time.It saves you time, money and helps you sleep at night knowing we’ve got your back.

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