How to keep your IT equipment cool in the heat wave


With UK temperatures reaching record breaking temperatures this week, it’s crucial that you keep your IT infrastructure cool, so that your business can operate as normal.

The optimum temperature for a server

An optimum temperature for a server is approximately 20 degrees Celsius, which means intervention is necessary, in this weather, to keep things from overheating.

5 ways to keep your server cool

Here’s our check list on keeping your servers cool:Invest in an air conditioning unit and maintain it too, with regular services

  • If you have a cabinet of equipment, allow air to flow between the hardware – don’t be tempted to stack items directly on top of each other
  • Clean off any dust from the server – this will help the fans work properly
  • With a Datcom Service Desk contract your IT equipment is monitored around the clock. We’ll let you know if things get too hot.
  • Plan for the worst case scenario. If the server does overheat – what happens? Will it power down properly? Do you have a backup plan?

Finally, don’t be tempted to just leave the server room door or window open, to help cool things down. Security should always be a top priority and your server holds the key to your business. Contact a member of the Datcom team to find out more.

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