Getting the most out of your Teams Telephony


Whether you’re talking to colleagues two floors up, or 200 miles away, Teams is a great collaboration tool. Even the free version can help people communicate and collaborate – either within, or across, organisations. So why should you add Teams Telephony to your package?

Doing business in the modern world often means collaborating with people who aren’t physically with you. Maybe they are customers or clients at the other end of the country, or colleagues who are working from home. Teams is certainly a really useful collaboration tool.

Teams connects to a wide range of Microsoft 365 applications and features, such as Office, SharePoint, PowerApps, Bookings, Planner and many more. It can also connect to third party applications and integrations. It’s becoming the go-to choice for internal and external meetings, especially because it integrates seamlessly with Outlook for easy management and set-up of meetings.

If you aren’t already using Teams, you may not be aware that there are privacy functions available to help you tailor your experience to your needs. For example, you can obscure your background – perfect for when you’re working from home or don’t want to reveal confidential materials that may be present in your environment – such as signage or prototype products. There are also security options that let you customise who in your organisation can use your Teams package or access external organisations.

So why should you add Teams Telephony to an already very useful package?

The telephony functionality allows users to have business phone connectivity wherever they are, from a range of devices. The only necessary requirement is an internet connection on the device. It is a really flexible application when it comes to the method of telephony being used. You can use it with the built-in Microsoft telephony licensing, or an external party can offer this function. This usually includes additional functions, such as Disaster Recovery features in the event that the Microsoft site stops working – Datcom can help you with both types of implementation. There are also advanced and standard features included. One advanced feature is the voice-activated menu system that allows callers to speak the name of the person or department they want. Standard features include ‘hold’ music and call groups.

Built-in telephony is an easy way to get even more from your Teams capability, allowing you total flexibility when it comes to your internal and external communications. To find out more about how Teams Telephony could work for your organisation, please contact us.

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