What are the advantages of Cloud computing?

There are so many advantages to Cloud computing that we could keep you reading all day. But here are just a few of the major benefits.


It’s the Cloud host’s responsibility to provide you with robust security, which is almost definitely going to be way better than any in-house system. You’re an expert in your company’s business – Cloud hosts are experts in security. 


The Cloud offers greater flexibility when compared with hosting on a local server. If you need extra bandwidth, a Cloud computing service can flex with your needs immediately, with no time-consuming or expensive IT update at your end. The hosted systems we provide come complete with storage and processing power that can be easily changed, upgraded or downgraded.

Better use of your time.

If your current IT system takes up a lot of your time and energy, it’s eating into the time you could be dedicating to what you do best. Choosing a Cloud solution to take care of your IT hosting and infrastructure means you’ll have more hours in your day to look after areas of your business that need your personal expertise. 


Because you can access the Cloud remotely, your team can work seamlessly from any location where they can access the internet – home, on the road or from client offices.


Cloud computing can have a positive impact on your bottom line. That’s because you can lower costs by running your infrastructure more effectively, scaling around any changes your business needs.

Easy collaboration.

Cloud computing enables team members to view and share information easily and securely – something that’s becoming increasingly important as more and more people work and collaborate with colleagues who aren’t in the same building.