business security

Your business is threatened from various sources both internally and externally to your IT network. A breach could damage your reputation, finances, equipment and your ability to provide a service to your clients. Datcom can offer a variety of services to help prevent and prepare for such eventualities.

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You know your network, our security audit will examine this in detail, providing a complete breakdown and plan of what equipment you have, where it's positioned and if it is secure. We also review users and passwords, security of data, data access and data backups. This brings you a detailed assessment of the holes that need plugging in your system.

Securing the internet

After the initial audit we can provide a range of services and system changes to address the security issues identified. Our path to the internet will be configured so that your access to the internet is secure. We will ensure that your wireless network differentiates between guests and staff so that your data is not accessible by anyone outside the business.

Ongoing proactive logging

Protecting your IT infrastructure through intelligent monitoring and auditing.

Getting your data back

Datcom are experts in ensuring that your business data is backed up. With extensive experience in all forms of backup to various forms of media (both onsite and offsite), you can be assured that your data will be protected and reliable. As our client on a maintenance contract you will have their backup checked every working day as well as testing bringing your data back on a quarterly basis, ensuring data integrity if a restore is needed.


Laptops and devices that leave the office will be secured to protect company data and intellectual property.

Use the best

Cisco equipment is the professional industry standard for networking and internet connectivity. We are Cisco Premier Partners, the only one in Lincolnshire. With this level of expertise, we are uniquely qualified to install and configure this equipment.