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With our innovative cloud computing service for business use, we help to stop the constraint of your current IT structure, whilst removing the inconvenient outgoings on your server upgrades. Our cloud computing for businesses enables you to increase your IT scale, as you can easily handle the future growth of your company with a system that is best suited for mobile working and can be accessed at any time you require.

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What Cloud is all about

With Cloud computing instead of having a physical server in your office, your data and applications are hosted in a local dedicated datacentre. Being hosted in this specialist environment, you have a computer system that you can access anywhere.

Easy to change

The hosted system provides you with storage or processing power that can be easily changed or upgraded or downgraded at any time. It is because these systems are highly available, dynamic and ready for future expansion that many of our clients have made the move to the Cloud.

Ease of access

Our Cloud system is optimised and engineered specifically with your connections in mind - your data is always available quickly and easily. Security and system design ensures that your data is securely stored and protected from unauthorised access. All of these features give the perfect environment for both office and remote workers to access your data simultaneously. Cloud enables you to work from home, on the road and demonstrate information whilst at customer offices.

The best equipment

We use world leading hardware that keeps on working 24 x 7. There are dual superfast connections from the datacentre to the internet which are each 120 times faster than fibre broadband (such as BT Infinity).

A cloud provider that won't go pop

Equipment is 100% owned by Datcom. Our equipment isn't leased. We are financial stability and are fully financially backed by our large parent company Duncan & Toplis. You can trust us with your data as we are ISO certified. We only partner with similar minded companies.

Ensuring you can take this route

Connectivity from your devices is a key part to the success of a Cloud environment, so before you go too far down the road, we check that a Cloud solution is viable for you.