Test for vulnerabilities in your network

A low cost, simple & effective way to test for vulnerabilities in your IT network

Let’s imagine you’ve put all the right security features in place within your IT network, or maybe you’ve just installed the basics. Perhaps you’ve recently acquired a new business or your business has seen a period of growth and software applications have changed.

Whatever your situation, why cross your fingers and hope the worst doesn’t happen? Add another layer to your network security with regular vulnerability scans.

Using your external or internal IP addresses, a vulnerability assessment scans and inspects your network’s defences. Like sand at a beach, vulnerability scans will find its way into any and all the gaps available. Any holes in the system will be picked up in the scan report and remedial actions can then be taken to patch any vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability scans not only identifies the number of weaknesses it also reports on the severity of the weakness meaning that, as a business, you can prioritise the actions you take. Work with your IT team to build the actions into a long term IT strategy, so you can stay on top of security risks and your budget.

Regular scans of your IT network will help keep you up to date and protected from the latest risks. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recommends that organisations perform vulnerability assessments on a monthly basis and, given that new vulnerabilities emerge every day, regular checks are vital.

Datcom can offer ‘one off’ vulnerability scans as well as more regular scans, as part of a long term IT Security Strategy.

Don’t rely on the systems already in place. Why not be proactive in your approach to security and take a look into this low cost, effective and simple solution to provide peace of mind and reassurance throughout.

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