OS X Yosemite

On October 16, Apple Yosemite was made available to download from the app store for all Mac users

Here are some of the changes you need to know:-

  • New interface with more right angles rather than rounded corners. The design is inspired by iOS 7.
  • Notification Center now has more information and is restyled to feel more like the iOS Notification Center.
  • Handover and Airdrop will allow you to transfer telephone calls and documents seamlessly between iOS and OS-X devices.
  • Send and receive your SMS messages from your iPhone.
  • iCloud Drive is now built in to Finder so you can browse, add and remove files as though they were located on your own hard drive.
  • Spotlight search now uses the internet. This has caused a few privacy concerns (Spotlight internet searching can be disabled.)
  • Mail Drop allows users to send and receive email attachments via iCloud for attachments up to 5GB.
  • You can upgrade your OS X via the Apple App Store now

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