Once upon a time…

…. in the year 2000, traditional network security models consisted of a firewall and anti-virus installed on your PC. IT departments could (just about) keep track of known viruses and employees were safely accessing the web from behind the firewall. Today with the increase of cloud services, virtualisation, remote workers and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), your data has left the building! In addition to this, a record 3 million new viruses are created every month, which means you need to implement new ways of protecting your data.

Should you be concerned?

It’s widely documented that the tools used by hackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and anti-virus (AV) is constantly working to keep up. With remote working, employees are no longer confined to the office. Many employees have the freedom of working anywhere and Gartner report that 25% of traffic is now not going through the corporate network. If this remote connection is not being managed by network security policies, then what risk does this pose for you and the business? It’s not quite ‘out with the old & in with the new’ as traditional AV and firewalls are still necessary, however to protect users outside the perimeter, extra security layers should be considered.

Protection without compromise

One solution is DNS Web Security. This is a cloud based service that provides the 1st line of defence against threats on the internet, wherever the user may be. It handles over 100 billion internet requests a day and blocks malicious sites before a connection is ever established. The application checking happens in the cloud, meaning it’s not going to slow down your PC or your connection regardless whether you are in the office or on the road.

Wired, wireless and 4G

Not only is it good for remote workers but it also allows a safe experience for visitors accessing your guest Wi-Fi. DNS Web Security will prevent guests downloading content or viewing inappropriate material for example. With over 60 filtering categories and block/allow lists you can manage the content that is consistent with your policies and brand.


The DNS Web Security Dashboard allows management to view patterns of use; domains accessed and denied requests at a user level. Granular reporting makes it easy to inspect problem areas fast and effectively.

Free demo

As the work environment changes and new threats emerge, businesses require flexibility to evolve and keep pace with security threats.

It is important for business owners & IT managers to understand the services available and build these into your IT strategy. Datcom continuously research and investigate products and services, in order to provide you with quality advice and support.

Please contact Datcom for a free demo or trial to learn more about DNS Web Security.

...And they lived happily ever after...

The End

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