Why have one screen when two are better?

By Andy Maddison, Published Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

Would you find it easier if you had a separate screen for your e-mail and spreadsheets whilst talking to your colleagues on a Teams video conference? Or the ability to have two webpages open and easily compare facts and figures? To do this you need multiple monitors for your laptop or PC.

Productivity god

Monitors are getting larger and with this, the amount of screen real estate that you get to look at documents and web pages increases. This makes you more productive, reduces eye strain and allows you to process more information. This is especially prevalent when the resolution increases and allows higher definitions.

Be gone, bulky hardware

As well as the screen sizes getting bigger, the footprint of the monitor is smaller so it can fit onto your desk. Gone are the days of the large format monitors that take up half the available desk space that you have ! New monitors save space and allows multiple monitors to fit onto your desk.

Plug into everything

All monitors now have multiple connections so can support your desktop, laptop or even tablet. All PC’s and laptops support multiple monitors either out of the box or with a simple addition of a graphics card (PC) or docking station (laptop). Some hardware options will support up to 4 monitors for even greater flexibility. All our engineers have four screens on their desks and some are asking for even more!

Glorious widescreen

Only want one monitor but need a lot more space? Another option that you have is a new ultra-widescreen option that gives you a significant amount more space to look at but only needs one monitor cable. These new ultrawide monitors allow three or 4 windows together allowing more productivity with less cables.

More info

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Andy Maddison

By Andy Maddison

Andy Maddison is an Account Manager for Datcom. He has over 25 years experience in the IT industry advising organisations on IT solutions.


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