Which laptop should you get?

By Andy Maddison, Published Thursday, 7th May 2020

With the increased prevalence of working from home here are some tips on what laptop type might best suit you

Now that a number of us are working from home or planning to do so post-COVID-19, it may be easier working with a laptop as this means you can easily work anywhere. Purchasing the right laptop however can seem a little daunting as there are a number of types and options available. What is right for you? Are there options that you haven’t considered? What am I looking to achieve?

Datcom can help you get your choice of laptop up and running with the performance and applications that you need. We’ll run through the most common types of laptop or mobile device to help you decide :

Business laptop

A ‘standard’ laptop that is used in business. Range of performance options, screen sizes and storage options depending on the exact requirements that you need. Can be paired with a docking station to make connections to external devices easier. Range of prices, good battery life.

Ultra-thin laptops

A more portable, lighter version of the standard business laptop. Generally smaller screens but high resolution. Ideal for those who travel or who want to keep the weight of their device down. Can be paired with a docking station to make connections to external devices easier. Higher cost, good battery life.

Portable workstation

The most powerful option for a laptop as this is the same level of power as a workstation but in portable form. Variety of screen sizes to match your requirements. Can be paired with a docking station to make connections to external devices easier. Incredibly powerful but at the cost of battery life. Expensive, poor battery life.

Microsoft Surface Pro

The high spec portable device designed and supplied by Microsoft. These devices are high performance, have a large number of peripherals to match any situation and great touch screen quality. A number of Datcom staff use these as their main PC in and out the office with great success. Higher cost, good battery life.

MacBook or MacBook Pro

The Apple laptops designed mainly for graphics and multimedia and these run on their own operating system. It doesn’t come with Windows 10 but can run Microsoft Office. Expensive, very good battery life.

If you have any further questions or need any more information contact us and we will assist in any way that we can.
Andy Maddison

By Andy Maddison

Andy Maddison is an Account Manager for Datcom. He has over 25 years experience in the IT industry advising organisations on IT solutions.


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