Cloudify your backup during COVID-19

By Andrew Townsend, Published Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

While we are in the COVID-19 crisis you may need to temporarily move your backup to a cloud solution to continue to fulfil and meet your organisations business continuity policy.

Datcom has the infrastructure to support any configuration that your business might need and provide as little or as much assistance to implement any solution alongside your IT team.

Here are some reasons why moving to Datcom for your backup needs will tick all your boxes: -

Visibility and Control

All our backup solutions run on a fully owned Datcom platform, meaning everything is controlled by us and we can provide evidence at every stage that the quality and security of the solution is bullet proof.

Easy Access

We can quickly access the data as it's stored locally. With using other Cloud platforms, if you need to get your data back you will have to download it, which can take days and normally there is also an egress charge for transferring data out of the platform. Whereas with Datcom's solution we can quickly copy data to an external drive and hand deliver it to you, for which we have SLAs on. We can also take care of restoration and recovery if you don't have the IT resource or the IT people with the experience needed.

Primed Recovery Servers

We keep DR servers on hot standby so we can quickly recover your data and get you back up and running. We have both Hyper-V and VMware servers on hot standby. We can also quickly recover virtual machines to our own Datcom Cloud Platform for even faster recovery.

Any Configuration

As it's our own system we can configure it in just about any way imaginable. This allows you to treat different data and VMs with different policies. For instance, your critical data could be backed up to two Datcom locations and a public cloud service, such as Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform. We can setup individual policies on data retention and use your own encryption keys.

Integration to Public Clouds

We can integrate with Azure and Office 365, either backing up data from Azure or Office 365 to Datcom or uploading up data from Datcom or your local network to blob storage in the public cloud. For example, you might keep 'hot' data with Datcom for fast and easy access and save your 'cold' data to cheaper blob storage on Azure, AWS or Google Cloud.


All our backups can be copied to tape as a source of last resort, so you don't have to continue to maintain tape infrastructure.

Business Continuity

Using our Datcom Cloud Platform or another public cloud service you can mix a combination of backup data with a semi-live business continuity environment. An example might be running a Domain Controller and RDS server in Datcom's Private Cloud Platform, this is always on and up to date, linked to your systems by a static IPSEC Lan-to-Lan VPN. Alongside these live VMs we can have offline VMs with your data and apps servers which can be backed up or replicated on a schedule that your business continuity plan requires. As an example, your data server could be replicated in real time using asynchronous replication, to a cold copy VM on Datcom’s Cloud Platform, allowing minimal data loss in the event of a failure as you already have an operational Domain Controller and RDS server.


Our Network Operations Team continual monitors the solution. Full auditing of our daily checks is available on our portal with notifications on success, warnings and failures, and if there is a warning or failure, what we are doing about it. We also performed detailed checks and restores on a regular basis, which are also fully audited.


Whatever you need we will can provide as much or as little assistance needed to give you the best value solution that your business needs.

If you would like more information please contact us.
Andrew Townsend

By Andrew Townsend


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