Promotion congratulations to Harry Gresham

A massive congratulations to Harry Gresham on his promotion to Pre-Sales Technical Consultant for Datcom.

Harry joined Datcom fresh-faced, straight out of sixth form, where he studied IT. Since joining the company, he has continued learning and developing his skills.

Harry began his IT journey in 2014 as IT Technician and he’s been on a steep learning curve since then, soaking up new technical challenges at every step.

Early in his career with Datcom, Harry was promoted into Network Operations, helping to proactively manage support clients and making sure that backups were working as they should.

Gary Williams, Technical Director, said, ‘Being able to get to the root of a problem – and the ability to communicate this to both technical and non-technical audiences – is a skill in itself!”

In his new role as Pre-Sales Technical Consultant, Harry will be key to delivering IT and security strategies for our clients, giving them the stepping stones and means to improve their businesses.

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