Laptop donation for local children in need

Datcom have been in contact with GRACE to assist in providing much needed IT equipment for those schoolchildren that are homeschooling and cannot afford the relevant equipment. During these difficult COVID times it is important that we all come together to help those less fortunate in our local area. GRACE are a key charity in the Grantham area during this current crisis and are approached by many families each week looking for support in a number of areas.

We have initially provided 6 laptops that are wiped and ready to go and are planning to get some other equipment over to them so they can distribute accordingly.

To make sure that we can expand and make sure that other children have the same benefits we will be contacting all our existing clients to see if they have any old (but functional) equipment that can be donated either directly to GRACE, to ourselves for secure wiping and handover or a local charity of your choice.

GRACE co-ordinator Jayne Robb has asked for either laptops, desktop machines (with monitors) or other peripherals such as keyboards and mice so they are ready for the schoolwork. They do not need licences or any software installed as they will all be formatted and setup again ‘fresh’ ready for the families to receive.

If you would be interested in helping in donating equipment please contact Datcom or speak to Jayne at GRACE directly on 07828 039628.

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