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Datcom have been raising funds during our last financial year to help our chosen local charity, Grantham Passage. It’s been a great effort from all the team involved and the money goes to a worthwhile local charity that doesn’t receive any formal support from any other agencies. Over the year, we managed to raise an impressive £1,657.50 through a range of internal events, including cake sales and dress down Fridays.

Account Manager Andy Maddison, here at Datcom, is the current chairman of the charity. He works alongside the Trustee and volunteer teams to provide support to local homeless or vulnerable people and those in need. “I would like to give a huge thank you to Andrew and the rest of the team at Datcom for both choosing us as the Charity of the Year and for giving such a generous amount to us. We rely entirely on donations from individuals and businesses around the Grantham area and this will make a huge difference. Christmas plans are already in place and the funds will be put towards this to make sure it’s a special day for our clients.

“Despite the restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our aims continue to be the relief of both poverty and homelessness. In normal pre-COVID times, we offered a free, seven-days-a-week, safe and non-judgmental meeting place, company, hot food and drink, and assistance with access to services, responsible agencies and other community support. We have always maintained an ‘open door' policy whereby assistance is given, after inquiry, to any applicant accepted as otherwise destitute or in need of support.

“Due to the restrictions in place, we have had to quickly move our model away from this towards a delivery service, so we can keep social distancing rules in place and ensure the safety of the clients and the volunteers. Each Saturday morning, our team of 6 volunteer drivers deliver a food parcel to the clients that require such support. We are doing around 170 parcels per week and are almost at 3,000 parcels delivered in total since March!

“As well as the provision of food, the Passage provides signposting, information on benefits and assistance with filling in forms, counselling to those in a desperate situation, advice, medical assistance and help to arrange appointments or getting to the hospital. We can and have provided crisis loans, help with food and clothing, electricity and gas. In instances where, unfortunately, our clients pass away, we work very hard to ensure that the family (sometimes estranged) are made aware via notices in the local or semi-local papers. We also ensure that Trustees attend the funerals to speak to family or friends, as we find this often helps the closure process. If you would like any more information, please see our website at

For the year 2020 – 21, our Charity of the Year is Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, and we hope to raise some significant funds for these as well to help with their lifesaving work.

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