8 tips for working at home

By Andrew Townsend, Published Tuesday, 14th April 2020

Changing to working from home can be quite a shift to how you approach work and life in general, read some of our tips on how to be more productive at home than in the office

Have a start and finish time

Start your day and end your day on a regular schedule. At Datcom we moved our main office hours forwards to 8am. All team members are online by 8am, except those on late support, making it easier to know who is available and who isn't.

Morning team meeting to set the tone for the day

Every team at Datcom has a Microsoft Teams meeting first thing. The meeting follows the same agenda everyday and gives us all time to catch-up on work and non-work related updates; it's a great way to start the day if you're working from home (or in the office!)

Take a break

It's easy to find yourself sat at your computer all day when working from home, there is always one more task to complete! Ensure you make that cup of tea, or stretch your legs with a walk around the block.


It can be hard to focus when working from home. Movie and gaming soundtracks are designed to be non-distracting music, helping you focus on the activity at hand; classical music really helps focus your attention too.

Set mini-goals throughout the day to and get them completed. Done right, your productivity can leap up when working from home. You'll feel great seeing all your jobs finished at the end of the day.

While tempting, audio books and YouTube videos are productivity killers, avoid at all costs!

Get out at lunch time

Ensure you finish as close to your allotted lunch break as possible. Go out and get some exercise and get away from your screen.

Get two or more screens

You probably have two or more screens in the office, so why not at home. Borrow one from work or invest in a second screen, it really helps boost your productivity rate.

Say bye!

You wouldn't walk out of the office without saying bye to your colleagues. Use Teams to send a quick message to your Team to let me them know your logging off for the day.


All the IT tools are there to ensure your team can work from home. If it's not working for you contact Datcom!
Andrew Townsend

By Andrew Townsend


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