International Ransomware Cyber Attack

Friday saw the onslaught of cyber attacks across 150 countries and 'Britain left defenceless' as the virus, WannaCry spread through organisations. Ransomware attacked the Windows Operating System and encrypted the user's files, blocking them from accessing data and demanding money to return them.

The ransomware hit 150 countries and affected 48 of England’s NHS Trusts leaving hospitals and GPs unable to access patient data & appointments cancelled.

Microsoft released a security update in March, which would have protected these organisations against this particular virus; however, it seems some organisations had not applied the update and, it is thought, that several hundred thousand computers, are still running Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, unsupported by Microsoft since July 14th 2015.

Datcom, who help prevent cyber-attacks such as this, believe organisations cannot be complacent. ‘Assume an attack is inevitable and be prepared’, says our Senior IT Professional.

The National Cyber Security Centre have urged a national focus on two lines of defence; to limit the spread and impact and secondly could this reoccur?

There are basic steps for an organisation to take that are crucial in the preparation and protection of their data.

A good place to start is:

  • Keep security patches up to date; run Windows Update
  • Use proper antivirus software services; make sure it’s up to date and one from a reputable vendor
  • Back up data that matters to your business; if worst case scenario arises, you can’t be held to ransom for data you’ve copied and hold elsewhere
Companies such as Datcom can manage all three of these steps as a service.

Datcom deliver IT services to organisations across the East Midlands. As well as hardware replacement, IT support and cloud services, Datcom help identify network vulnerabilities and provide the solutions to fix and increase security.

Datcom Cyber Surveys are now becoming increasingly popular, as business owners are more aware of security risks. The Cyber Survey reports on your current security levels and outlines plans to reduce the probability of an attack, whilst also giving you the tools to reduce the impact should an attack occur.

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