Global Ransomware Attack

A second major ransomware attack is taking place around the globe, with the Ukraine being the first to report the issue. Some UK based firms have now confirmed they have also been hit by the attack.

It is said to be a similar style to the WannaCry ransomware attack that shut down the NHS hospital services earlier this month. It too demands about $300 in Bitcoin to unscramble the hostage data and appears on the users screen in the same format. However, it is now being reported that despite the clever programming of the fast-spreading malware, that actual money collection system is sloppy. Experts are now saying that the purpose of this attack, unlike the money making WannaCry enterprise, is to simply spread as quickly as possible and cause maximum mayhem.

There is also not guarantee that paying the ransom will actually release your files. It has been reported that the Posteo webmail address given to pay the $300 ransom has been shut down.

Microsoft have again issued new patch updates to help prevent you becoming infected, although the precise versions of Windows affected is not yet known. Here are out top tips to help prevent an attack:

  • Keep operating system security patches up to date and don’t use operating systems which are past their support date.
  • Use antivirus software and ensure all devices run updates hourly and perform scans daily.
  • Use an external email filter service to remove malicious emails.
  • Protect inbound and outbound connections to the internet with a firewall that can inspect and automatically block malicious traffic.
  • If you operate a network, give users access to business data on a needs only basis. If your users can’t access the data, the virus can’t encrypt the files.
  • Back up data that matters to your business; if the worst case scenario arises, you can restore your data from the previous night backup.
As a company, Datcom can pro-actively manage all these steps as an ongoing service.

Datcom deliver IT services to organisations across the East Midlands. As well as hardware replacement, IT support and cloud services, Datcom help identify network vulnerabilities and provide the solutions to fix and increase security.

Datcom Cyber Audit are now becoming increasingly popular, as business owners are more aware of security risks. The Cyber Audit reports on your current security levels and outlines plans to reduce the probability of an attack, whilst also giving you the tools to reduce the impact should an attack occur.

Datcom are Cyber Essentials accredited and ISO 9001, 20000 and 27001 certified by ISOQAR.

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