End of life notice for Windows Server 2003

Microsoft have set the date as 14 July 2015. After this point security patches will not be released for the operating system.

We advise all customers to upgrade any Windows 2003 servers before the end of the support period. Customers must take in to account the following:-

  • Not upgrading could mean you breach the DPA in the event of any data loss.
  • Your software vendor is likely to no longer support their software on unsupported Microsoft Operating Systems.
  • If you have any security accreditations, such as PCI, you could potentially fall out of compliance
  • Customers operating Terminal Services servers on Windows 2003 are at a much high risk of a security breach than non-Terminal Services servers.

We will be further advising all customers whom are directly affected by this email later this year.

In the meantime if you need further advice please contact your account manager.



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