4G can help protect your business

With the majority of organisations utilising at least one Cloud service, such as Office 365, Telephone Systems, Virtual Private Servers, etc., the importance of staying connected to the internet at all times has increased over the last several years. Losing connectivity is no longer a question of not receiving emails; internet downtime can seriously affect business productivity.

At Datcom we have lots of simple and affective solutions to help companies reduce the risk of losing internet connectivity. For years we have provided customers with automatic 3G and wireless failover capability which sits alongside their more powerful broadband or leased line links.

As part of this service, we proactively managed these automated redundant connections. Continuous monitoring to ensure service availability and also carrying out regular recovery plan tests to ensure failure over systems work when needed. After all, there is no better test then pulling the plug.

With the availability of 4G in towns and cities, businesses need to consider what would happen if the local telecoms infrastructure suffered a prolonged outage. 4G is an excellent secondary or tertiary fall back option. 4G can be integrated into to your Wide Area Network and VPN systems. It can continue to provide good quality web browsing experience and deliver a high volume of emails. Even hosted telephone systems can use 4G to continue to provide telephony services.

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