Going for Gold

Datcom attain ThreatLocker Gold Partner Award to ensure top security for our clients.

Datcom are thrilled to announce our Gold Partnership status with cutting-edge security vendor, ThreatLocker.

Datcom’s Managing Director, Andrew Townsend, knows the importance of keeping our clients safe from cyber attacks, while being conscious that security budgets are limited.

“It’s not feasible to expect small to medium businesses to keep up with the pace of cyber crime and constantly evolving threats”, Andrew commented.

Datcom immediately knew ThreatLocker was something unique. After months of research and testing, we are now pleased to have achieved ThreatLocker Gold Partner Award. Cybercriminals do not discriminate based on company size. The addition of ThreatLocker to Datcom’s security stack ensures your systems are protected, data is kept secure and help is at hand when you need it.

What is all the fuss about?

Most cybersecurity protections are based on looking for, finding and stopping threats. The problem is, cybercriminals are getting smarter and entering networks undetected.

Employees are constantly inviting threats through actions such as downloading applications without approval, clicking on links they shouldn’t and opening attachments in emails. That’s why a new approach of blocking everything that’s not trusted and only allowing applications that are approved, is a far cleaner and more comprehensive approach to making sure malware doesn’t end up on your networks.

What does ThreatLocker do?

  • ThreatLocker Whitelisting implements a default-deny approach, which means all applications are blocked unless they are on the whitelist
  • ThreatLocker Ringfencing solution adds control with firewall-like boundaries around your applications, stopping them from interacting with other applications, accessing network resources, registry keys, and even your files
  • ThreatLocker Storage Control manages device access down to the most granular level, including file type, user or group, application and serial number – regardless of whether or not the device has been encrypted. ThreatLocker not only protects you from USB drives, it protects all of your files, including those on your local hard drives and file servers
We tailor all solutions to fit your unique needs and will be happy to discuss how ThreatLocker could benefit your business.

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