SMBGhost Vulnerability On Windows

A flaw has been detected in SMBv3 on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.

Vendor: Microsoft

Product: Windows 10 and Server 2019

Component: SMBv3

Date: March2020

What's New

A new vulnerability referred to as SMBGhost involving the technology surrounding file access over a network using Windows 10/Server 2019 (1903 & 1909) has been published by Microsoft. There is currently no remediation in place for Windows 10 computers, however Microsoft are working towards a patch for both operating systems to fix the vulnerability.

How Does This Affect Me?

As long as you are running appropriate local operating system firewall, edge firewall(s) and have Endpoint Protection on all your devices your network will continue to be secure.


  • New computers will be automatically patched.
  • A workaround to turn off the specific feature used in the vulnerability will be manually applied by Datcom to all appropriate servers.


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