End Of Long Life Certs

Vendor: Apple

Product: Safari

Component: TLS Security Checks

Date: 1st September 2020

Target: IT Engineers, IT Managers

What's new

Certificates generated after the 1st September 2020 that have a life span greater than 398 days will be rejected and marked as insecure in Safari after the 398 days has past.

Generating certificates on 2, 3 or even 5 years will no longer be viable for public facing services.

This change is being implemented by Apple on Safari browser across all platforms. We expect all other browser manufacturers to follow suit in the next year, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox/

How does this affect me?

  • Increase in management of certificates, as they will have to be renewed on an annual basis.

What do I need to do?

  • Ensure tighter management and documentation of your TLS certificates or let Datcom manage this for you.
  • We recommend automating the renewal of certificates by using Let's Encrypt, Datcom can manage and automate this for you.
  • If you need assistance please contact the Datcom Service Desk and we will manage this for you.


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