Windows Package Manager Preview

Vendor: Microsoft

Product: Windows Package Manager

Component: Preview Release

Date: May 2020

Target: IT Managers, IT Engineers, SysOps, DevOps, Developers

What's new

Microsoft Windows Package Manager tool to allow easier deployment and management of applications. The design is taken from similar tools on Linux distributions, making scripting the deployment of PCs, settings, apps and services significantly easier.

This will have a big impact on desktop management, Azure VM workloads and internal private clouds, allowing the deployment and provision of RDS, Web Services, Virtual Desktop Services and other systems which need to be scaled up and down based on demand.

How does this benefit me?

  • Easier management of applications
  • Easier automation of installations and updates
  • Bundle custom apps for easier deployment

What do I need to do?

  • Use the winget command in the new Windows Terminal to test out what it can do, such as winget install vscode


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