Windows 10 Feature Update May 2020

Microsoft have released their latest update, and it’s a big one, with a few days to spare before the June deadline. It’s got quite a few big updates – some things added and some things taken away so we’ll run through what has changed.

Vendor: Microsoft

Product: Windows 10

Component: Feature Release

Date: May 2020

Target: All

What's new

Faster (and easier) connections

Its now easier and faster to pair Bluetooth devices to your compatible device – less menu options to go through to make it work

Go passwordless

For improved security and simplified sign in, you can now sign in with your face, fingerprint or a PIN. It does mean you have to have compatible hardware (like a webcam). To turn this on, go to Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in options

Faster, cleaner and safer

When you download apps, you can’t always be sure of what you’re getting. They might have other bits included like advertising, cryptomining or other potentially dangerous item. Windows 10 can now help you spot them by turning on reputation based protection.

Virtual desktops

Instead of just having ‘Desktop 1’ or ‘Desktop2’ you can now rename them and expand beyond the limitation of the space.

Better gaming

This update includes DirectX 12 Ultimate to provider smoother graphics with increased detail


More kaomoji are now available and you access it by pressing Windows key + .

Memory improvements

Changes to memory mean that applications use memory better and this is initially being rolled out to Microsoft Edge. It will be given out to other developers over time to improve their software


You can select an option to keep the calculator app on top of all other windows to make it easier.


Its 30 years old but still hanging in there and it has some small but mighty improvements. It now has find/replace, quick text zooming and it shows you via a small asterisk if you haven’t saved changes.

Smartphone and Windows working together

This update allows the Your Phone app feature to allow you to place, receive or text reply to your PC. Plus, you can get access to your Android phones photos and apps via your PC’s screen and keyboard

There are other features added to the new update as well so go to the Microsoft Blog page for the full list.

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