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To enable a constant flow of productivity online, you need to make sure your business has a secure internet connection provider who can manage and improve your broadband speeds. As a company that uses internet services at work and at home, you may be experiencing slow and unreliable internet connections that hold back, your business's progression. However, in order to fix this, it is often difficult to discover what effective internet connection providers are available in and around your area and how best to utilise them. At Datcom, we are certified internet connection providers who are here to help and improve your business broadband speeds and help maintain your optimum business workflow.

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An internet connection provider is essentially an organisation that provides services for using and accessing the internet, they can be used for both businesses and for personal use. Services can include internet access, domain name registration and web hosting. Don’t spend valuable time that you can dedicate on your business, researching different internet connection providers. At Datcom, we already have all the answers you need, whilst assuring that as your provider, we fully analyse and explain the options we think would work best for your business and the benefits they will provide.

High Speeds for Your Business

For some people, a cheap standard broadband deal is more than enough, but if you have got a busy household or you are regularly working on big documents and files then a standard set up is not going to work for you. At Datcom, we supply internet connections ranging from simple broadband up through fibre, to the fastest lease lines available. All of our business-grade connections provide you with the very best performance, reliability, faster fix times and higher data limits. If you want to ensure a constant, progressional workflow, then choosing us as your internet connection provider is a must.

Peace of Mind, Even During Peak Times

As your internet service provider, we supply your business with its own ‘private’ internet connection between your offices and our data centre, so you don't ever touch the public internet and so avoid general connection issues.

Fully Accredited

AWe don’t just install your new internet and then walk away, we are here to help and support you throughout your journey and beyond the installation. All of our connections are backed by 24/7 monitoring, so you will have essential support, world-leading hardware and optimum security configurations - All of this is controlled and managed by fully accredited and trained engineers.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Datcom As Your Internet Service Provider

High Speeds: Slow connection speeds can stop your team from working efficiently if you are faced with slow connections, or even worse, losing connection altogether. If your business is extremely technology-based, then you need to make sure that you have a connection that is fast, reliable and suitable to your needs, which is exactly what we can offer.

Cost: In terms of cost, we will tailor your package to suit your needs so it works best for you and your business. For instance, we can offer packages that work more towards your budget and still cater to your needs or excel to offer even more. The end choice is up to you, but we will do all that we can to help provide the best solution for your business in terms of efficiency and cost.

Customer Service: Having people you can talk to when you need them is an essential factor that any business should bring. At Datcom, our team of IT experts are there for you when you need them, with any enquiries, help or advice you need, 365 days of the year.

Equipment: With our world-leading hardware, we ensure to provide you with the very best, up-to-date equipment available in the industry. All of our services and equipment are provided and monitored by us, and us alone, so you don't need to worry about any outsourcing companies working alongside you. Are you interested in finding out more information about our services? Call us on 0333 000 3210 or email us