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Unifying your communications to save money and boost productivity

Communications are a key part of your business and with a new telephone system it is easier to make the correct impression. You may want to take advantage of amazing functionality available with update and hosted telephone systems or video conferencing systems.

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Boost productivity

Such systems are configurable and fully integrated and are no longer just for larger companies. Many features are available including call queuing, recorded or monitored calls and integration into Outlook allowing use of your e-mail software to call clients. Using the internet to make calls through your new telephone system is also a great way to save money on telephone bills.

Green IT

Employing video through your PC or laptop can be used for meetings or video conferencing systems, saving valuable time and money travelling.

Large company functionality

Our smaller systems can be used with micro and small businesses and bring large company functionality. Our larger telephone systems scale easily to 1000's of users across multiple locations.

Your only concern is the choice of handset

We can provide either hosted systems based in our datacentre or physical systems in your office. Working alongside our trusted Partners, you get the system that works for you in the best possible way.
    Datcom provides all our IT solutions and support. They deliver a quality professional and prompt service and are always available to provide assistance when required.

    Managing Director

    Castlegate Finanical Management

    We have recently upgraded our entire server and PC network and everything is now running better and faster. Datcom ensured that the process was quick, efficient, didn’t impact our business and we were kept regularly updated

    Managing Director

    CEM Press